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The Library is right at the heart of our campus and you’ll find it invaluable. It contains a comprehensive range of medical and rehabilitation e-books and e-journals and digitized core readings. The Library’s online search tools make it easy to find the materials you need and easy to renew or reserve items. The short loan collection also ensures access to those core texts in high demand.

The first floor is calm and quiet, ideal for research, revision and writing. Librarians who specialize in your subject area can help you make the most of the library’s resources and provide consultation sessions if you need extra help.

The library is usually open for several hours a day with the possibility of variation in its timetable during exam periods. The electronic database works for 24 hours, seven days a week and our support team provides help by telephone or by email. There are links to governmental and non-governmental organizations on our website to enable students to access different categories. The best and most prestigious scientific journals can be found in our library, either online or in hardcopy format and  are available to both students and academics alike. All students are asked to collect their ID cards as soon as their enrolling process is completed. They can then access our services by presenting their ID cards.

Student photo identification card (ID card)

Students are requested to collect their ID cards from the security office. The card is necessary for using a variety of campus and non-campus services including entering the library and accessing the database. Each student card contains a personal identification number. It will help  identify students’ records  and ensure better protection. Student cards have a concession sticker which entitles them to discounts when using public transport.





The university provides several dormitories for students and a new additional dormitory building will soon be completed. Currently there are three university dormitories available to ladies and two to male students. International students are accommodated in a different building located in the north of Tehran.


There are many ways to keep active while attending our University. You can avail of our large sports hall, soccer field and a variety of fitness classes. Alternatively, why not try one of our free activities like our outdoor gym, walking, running or cycling routes to keep yourself  active every day.

Study and socialize

With free Wi-Fi, comfy chairs, an on-site café, the campus is your perfect alternative venue for studying and socializing.

International Office

Our International Office offers support to all international students throughout your studies. Our Student Experience team has qualified advisers ready to assist on all immigration and visa-related matters. We have a substantial network of support to help you adjust to and make the most out of student life. We want you to feel that you are living and learning in a supportive, positive environment.