Advanced Cytogenetics (Ph.D)


1.      Molecular structure of chromosomes

2.      Functional structure of chromosomes

3.      Cell fusion, PCC,  allocycly

4.      Endoroduplication, polytene chromosomes, endomitosis, c-Mitosis, multipolar

5.      Flow cytometry, chromosome sorting, microdissection

6.      Gene amplification, double minutes, HSR

7.      Telomere position in mammalian cells

8.      Interphase FISH , its applications, and the interpretation of results

9.      Sex determination in human, X and Y chromosome genes, and their roles

10.  Role of autosomal genes in sex determination, sex chromosome syndromes

11.  The new techniques in prenatal diagnosis for chromosome abnormalities and their genetic counseling

12.  Application of cytogenetics techniques in cancer

13.  New cytogenetics techniques in determination of chromosome abnormalities

14.  New concepts in chromosome non-disjunction and its consequences

15.  New concepts on mosaicism and chimerism