What is Counseling?

Counseling is a branch ofknowledge which focuses on the promotion of mental health of people in a variety of aspects: education, family, rehabilitation, etc. Counseling emphasizes the positive aspects of the human being and seeks what people possess instead of their deficits. The nature of counseling is the opposite of the pathological view of the human being.


The department aims to equip students to be professionals in  helping troubled  families, couples and promote their mental health.

The vision of the department is to train students to the highest level of capability for the counseling of clients from different parts of the community.

The mission of the department is to equip students with advanced techniques and methods in counseling, guidance and problem solving of people.



The Department Of Counseling emphasizes close contact between our faculty and students.

Faculty consists of experienced counselors and psychologists,specialized in family and couple counseling as well as rehabilitation sciences. Many topics related to the above subjects are taught by our department.