Audiology department:

Those interested in work as an audiologist can pursue a bachelors degree, Masters and doctoral studies. Our Department currently offers the Masters and Ph.D. Degrees in Audiology and provides a dynamic and friendly environment for students and staffs with many opportunities for education, discussion and training that integrate foundational knowledge, research, and evidence-based practice skills on the balance and hearing sciences.

Our fully trained and postgraduate audiologists have substantial knowledge about hearing, acoustics, and balance, enabling them to solve technical problems and develop logical alternatives. In their rehabilitative role, they can prescribe hearing aids, evaluate and monitor the efficacy of hearing aids, provide auditory training, vestibular rehabilitation programs, hearing tactics and counseling.

Generally, our coursework includes classes such as:

·         Anatomy, Physiology, and neuroscience of Hearing and balance systems

·         Psycho-acoustics

·         Signals, Systems, and electrophysiology

·         Speech, language, and cognition, communication sciences

·         Amplification, hearing aid, and cochlear implant

·         Special populations in audiology

·         Clinical Practice and Practicum

For Ph.D. degree student’s coursework can be more specialized accordingly.