MSc Curriculum for Audiology

Total Duration: 2 years of full-time

First Semester

Information technology and its application in audiology
Neuroscience with an emphasis on hearing and balance

Second Semester
Hearing Electrophysiological Tests
Research Methodology
Vestibular Rehabilitation
Speech comprehension and production
Methods of the balance system evaluation

Third Semester
Training in Auditory Electrophysiology Tests (Clinical practice)
Vestibular system evaluation and rehabilitation training (Clinical practice)
Rehabilitation of specific populations
Assessment, prescribe and fine-tuning of assistive listening devices and  hearing aids

Fourth Semester

Hearing rehabilitation training in specific populations (Clinical practice)

MSc Thesis


* Number of MSc Graduates from the Audiology Department of the University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences from 2011 to 2020:  38

**Number of  USWR Audiology Department MSc students (in different semesters) in 2020:  14

If necessary, minor changes are made at the beginning of each semester