Department of Basic Sciences was established within the University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation sciences (USWR) in 1992.

Department of basic sciences is active in teaching theoretical and clinical subjects and also intensely research-active. Therefore, the academics and students are engaged in a variety of research activities.

What is Basic Sciences?

Department of Basic Sciences is responsible for teaching science based subjects to students of different departments. The Department does not administer any student yet and it plays an interconnection role between other departments.

Our academics are experienced and are keeping an up to date knowledge. Conducting researches, teachings, supporting and preparing scientific conferences and collaborating with other departments are our main priorities of our department in these activities.


The main aim of this department is to train students in the highest level of knowledge to work in our society as part of a health care team. Toward achieving the aforementioned aim, our academic staff works incredibly hard to provide excellent research and dynamic education. Throughout this aim we work in collaboration with other departments and universities at national level.