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Mahshid Foroughan, born in 1951, Tehran-Iran

Address: Kudakyar st., Daneshjoo Blvd. Evin, Tehran 19834, Iran


Tel: +98(21)22180004



Educational qualifications:

1.  Graduated in general medicine, Faculty of medicine, University of Tehran

2.  Graduated in psychiatry, Faculty of medicine - TehraUniversity (1983)

3.  Fellowship in Psycho-geriatrics sponsored by professor Taher Zandi (State University of New York) and Professor Martin Cole (Mc Gill University ) in University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation (2000) Tehran- Iran;

4.  Fellowship in psycho-geriatrics at Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences, And Society at Karolinska Institutet (2006), Stockholm, Sweden;

5.  PhD student of medical sciences in Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences, And Society at Karolinska Institutet (2007), Stockholm, Sweden.

 Employment experiences

Assistant professor of psychiatry in:

1.  Member of department of psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine (Rozbeh Psychiatric Hospital), University of Tehran, 1985-1986;

2.  Attending physician of psychiatric ward, ShahiMohammadi General Hospital,1987-1992;Hormozgan province, Iran

3.  Assistant professor of psychiatry, University of MedicaSciences of Bandar Abbas (Hormozgan Province), 1992-1997;

4.  Assistant professor of psychiatry, University of Social welfare and Rehabilitation (since 1997); Tehran, Iran.

5.  Coordinator of the Committee on residential training, department of psychiatry, Tehran University (1985);

6.  Coordinator of PHC training program on mental disorders, Hormozgan Province (1995-1997);

7.  Member of the Ground Council on research iUniversity of Bandar Abbas Medical sciences;

8.  Director of the Counseling Center for medical students, Bandar Abbas Medical School (1992-1997);

9.  Manager of the out-patient Psycho-geriatric Clinic, University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation(USWR) (1998-2003);

10. Director of the Research Council and Research Committee on Old Age since 2002 in Iranian Research Center on Aging affiliated with USWR;

11. Registrar of psycho-geriatric courses, department opsychiatry, University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation (2000-2003);

12. Director of the counseling center for college students, University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation (1999-2006);

13. Director of the rehabilitation management department at USWR (2004-2006);

14. Coordinator of the committee of strategic planning onAging (2005-2007)

15. Member of the scientific committee on Aging in Ministry of health, treatment and Medical Education (2004-2006);

16. Board member of Rehabilitation management post graduate educational courses (2004-2007).

17. Member of the focal research group on CommunitBased Rehabilitation (CBR) in USWR (2005-2007).

18. Member of National Committee on Menopause, Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education (2007).

19. Member of National Committee on Mental Health Service Planning; Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education (2007)

20. Scientific member of the department of Gerontology iUSWRS (SINCE 2008)


 Other experiences:                  Scientific secretary and coordinator of following assemblies:

1.  A seminar on Family Violence (2002), Tehran;

2.  First National congress on Gerontology (2002) Tehran, with the cooperation of French Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology;

3.  A seminar on Mental health of students and dormitory Issues (2003), Tehran;

4.  A seminar on Alzheimer disease (2004), Tehran;

5.  Third national congress on Gerontology (2008) Tehran.

6.  Editorial member of Journal of Rehabilitation since2000;

7.  Editorial memberl of salmand since 2006.

Printed articles:                       

1. “Depression in Different Cultures, a report on WHwork, journal of Tehran Medical School (1985);

2.  Suicide and Suicidality in Emergency Units’, journal oDrug and Treatment;

3.  An Epidemiological Survey on Depression Prevalence in Medical students(1992), journal of Rehabilitation, (2001);

4.  Psychological Factors Affecting Rehabilitation of Neurological Patients” Journal of Rehabilitation, (2001);

5.   Correlation of Sensory Deficits and PsychiatriDisorders in old Age”; Journal of Salmand, 1997;

6.  Study on Frequency of personality Disorders in the women Prisoners of  Tehran and Kardje; Social Welfare Quarterly,2004;

7.  A Review on psycho-social Rehabilitative Needs oElderly women in Iran’, Saudi Journal of Disability and Rehabilitation, 2003;

8.  "Bio-psychosocial health status of older people in th13th district of municipality of Tehran", Social Welfare Quarterly, 2004.

9.    "Situation analysis, needs assessment, and view points of medical students living in the dormitories regarding their ethical and sexual problems", Social Welfare Quarterly, 2006.

10. Diagnostic distribution of mental disorders in geriatric out- patients- Tehran- 2002. Iranian Journal of Aging. 2007. 2: 106- 111.

11. Characteristics of falls among institutionalized elderly people. Iranian Journal of Aging. 2007. 2: 101- 105.

12. Loneliness from the perspectives of elderly people: phenomenological study. Iranian Journal of Aging.2008. 6: 410-420.

13. Risk factors of Alzheimers disease among Iranian population. Current Alzheimer Research.2008. 5(1): 70-73.

14. Quality of life of elderly people in Kashan, Iran, MiddlEast Journal of Age and Aging, 2008. 5(2):21-25

15. Naming Performance in Farsi-speaking aged people: Evidence from dementia of Alzheimer type, aphasic and healthy individuals, 2008. 5(4) (on-line)

16. Influencing factors on client satisfaction igovernmental addiction treatment centers and comparison with private centers in Kordestan Province in year 2004, Hakim- Research Journal of National Research Center of Medical Sciences- IR IRAN, 2008. 11 (1): 48-53

17. Elder abuse from the perspectives of elderly people: phenomenological study, Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery Quarterly- Shaheed Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, 2008.18 (61):28-39

18. The effectiveness of a group counseling program on the mental health of parents of hearing impaired children, Audiology, 2oo7. 15(2): 53-60.


1. “How to Live a Healthy Life” for elderly people published by old Age Health Agency of Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Education in cooperation with WHO,2003;

2. A Review on Geriatrics” Published by SemnaUniversity of Medical Sciences,2003;

3. " How children fail", Nashre Ghatreh, 1999(translation);

4. " Living with schizophrenia", Entesharate Arjmand,2005( translation);

5. " Psychosocial Development of Children", Chapter 1 of Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics, Entesharate Shahrab, 1997 (translation).

6. " Psychosocial Development " and " Sexual Disorders" of children, chapter 1& 6 of Nelson Pediatrics Essentials, EntesharaArjman1996 (translation).

7. " Livining with schizophrenia", Entesharate Arjman2007.

8. Psychology for teachers, Entesharate Arjmand & Nashre Agah, 2002 (translation).

9." Human development: a life-span approach", Entesharate Arjmand, 2008 (translation)

10. Treating suicidal behavior: An effective time-limiteapproach, Entesharate Rhoshd, 2008 (translation).

11. Alzheimers disease for care-givers and families. Nashre Ghatre, 2009.


 Articles Presented in International Congresses:

1.  Comparison of Drug Abuse Pattern and Socio- Economic characteristics Between Elderly and Non- Elderly Addicts in Tehran; 5th European congress of Gerontology,2003;

2.  :Diagnostic Distribution And the Related factors in psycho-geriatric outpatients in Tehran, Iran; 5th European Congress of Gerontology,2003;

3.  La Situation Des Femmes Ages En Iran; VII e Congrès Intenational Francophone de Gérontologie,2002;

4.  un Center Ambulatories De Consultations Multidisiplinaires et de Reeducation pour les Adultes Ages, Une Premiere Experience Dans La R.I d’Iran; VII e Congres International Francophone de Gerontologie, 2002;

5.  Zar Ceremonies: A traditional method of treating psychiatric disorders in South of Iran ; 2nd International congress of Psychotherapy, 2004;

6.A Research on Risk Factors of Alzheimer s Disease in a group of Iranian patients; Seminar on Research iDementia Care Make Difference: Nursing Research in Clinical Practice “, Stockholm, Sweden, 2005 ;

7."Epidemiology of Cognitive Disorders Among Outpatient Geriatric population ; Regional symposium on Alzheimer s Disease and Related Disorders in the Middle East, Istanbul, Turkey, 2005.

8."Linguistic Features of Farsi- speaking patients with Alzheimer s Disease "; 21st International Conference of Alzheimers Disease Internationai,2005.

9.Validation of mini- mental state examination in Iranian elderly. European Regional Meeting of IPA. Istanbul, Turkey, 2007.


Area of Interests:                      

1.  Alzheimers Disease

2.  Mental health in old age

3.  Growth and development in life span

4. Violence and Family

5. Suicide



1. Professor Taher Zandi;

e- mail: Taher-zandi@plattsburgh,edu. (518)549-3377(518)562-0940 

2. Professor Azita Emami


3. Dr Chahrbanou Maghsoudnia,



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