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Qualification: Neurology Specialty.



Employment History

  • 2009- Present,Director of Iran Epilepsy Association,Tehran, Iran.                                               
  • 2005- Present,Assistant professor of Neurology,Department of Occupational Therapy University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences,Tehran, Iran                                                          
  • 2007–Present, Chief of Neurology Erfan General Hospital,Tehran, Iran.                      
  • 2007-Present,Director of out-patient,Erfan General Hospital,multidisciplinary clinic,Tehran, Iran.          
  • 2006-2009,Director of treatment department, Iran Epilepsy Institute, and affiliated units,Tehran, Iran.
  • 2005-Present, Chief of Neurology,Rofideh Rehabilitation Hospital, University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences, Tehran, Iran.
  • 2000-2005, Dean of Education and Research, Bushehr University of Medical Sciences, Bushehr, Iran.  
  • 2000-2005, Director of Medical Education,Bushehr University of Medical Development Center Sciences, Bushehr, Iran.
  • 1998-2005, Director of out-patient Bushehr General Hospital, multidisciplinary clinic Bushehr, Iran.                             



  • 2010,Epilepsy and EEG Video monitoring educational course, Montreal, Canada.  
  • 2004,Intractable Seizure and Epilepsy Surgery shadow,Montreal Neurology Hospital, McGill University Montreal, Canada.
  • 2004,Quality management in health care certificate MDF, Netherlands.
  • 2004,Transcranial Doppler Sonography workshop Germany.
  • 2003,Intracranial and Extracranial Doppler Sonography, part time post doctorate training Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences (SBUMS)Tehran, Iran.
  • 2003,Transcranial Doppler Sonography Workshop Germany.
  • 1995–1999, Neurology Residency Program  Shahid Beheshti  University of MedicalSciences Department of NeurologyTehran, Iran.
  • 1986-1993, Medical Degree Azad University of Medical Sciences Tehran, Iran.                              


Research Experiences

  • Abootalebi,Sh, Co morbid psychological disorder in epileptic patients between 18-35.Tehran,Iran 2010-2011
  • Abootalebi, Sh, Evaluation of cognitive function in patients with epilepsy between 6-11 .Tehran, Iran. 2010-2011
  • Abootalebi,Sh, Comparison effect of mirror therapy on phantom pain decrease in below amputees with medium length stump. Tehran,Iran.  2009-2010
  • Abootalebi, Sh., Dose C-reactive protein has any diagnostic value in long term prognosis in patient with stroke? Bushehr, Iran         2005-2006
  • Abootalebi, Sh., High blood pressure in admission of patient with stroke. Does it has any prognostic value? Bushehr, Iran  2004-2005
  • Abootalebi, Sh., prevalence of epilepsy in children, age 7 to 15, enrolled in public school’s of Bushehr, Bushehr, Iran 2004                                                                                                  
  • Abootalebi, Sh., Evolution of EEG changes in hypothyroidism patients.Bushehr, Iran 2004
  • Abootalebi, Sh., Prevalence of migraine children, age 7 to 15, enrolled in public schools of Bushehr, Bushehr, Iran 2003-2004
  • Abootalebi, Sh., Risk factor for stroke in Bushehr population analysis in 148 consecutive cases. Bushehr, Iran  2002 – 2003
  • Abootalebi, Sh., Etiologies and end-prognosis of non traumatic loss of conciseness in Al-Zahra hospital. Bushehr, Iran,  2002 – 2003
  • Abootalebi, Sh., Imipramine versus fluoxetine for treatment of migraine headache. Bushehr, Iran 2002
  • Abootalebi, Sh., Desmopressin versus Imipramine for treatment of enuresis.Bushehr, Iran 2002
  • Abootalebi, Sh., Correlation of electro diagnostic finding and prognosis of recovery in Bells palsy; Bushehr, Iran 2001 – 2003
  • Abootalebi, Sh., Correlation of clinical sign and electro diagnostic test in carpal tunnel syndrome, Tehran, Iran,  1998



  • Heidari M, Abootalebi Sh . Changes in soldiers’ aerobic fitness and muscle endurance during initial basic training of Iran military. Journal of Army University of Medical sciences of the I.R.Iran winter 2010;7(4):277-282.
  • Shahram Abootalebi M.D, Alireza Khoshnevisan M.D, Amir Hassan Kohan M.S, et al. The effects of "Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy" on fine motor skills in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy. Tehran University Medical Journal May 2010; Vol.  68, No. 2: 128-136.
  • Shahram Abootalebi2, Alireza Khoshnevisan*3, Amir Hassan Kohan1,et al .Comparison of Modified Ashworth Scale and Hoffmann Reflex in Study of Spasticity. Acta Medica Iranica.2010;48(3):154-157 .
  • Seyed Mohammad sadegh Hosseini; Shahram Aboutalebi,MD; Sayed Ali Hosseini,PhD. The impact of cognitive task on gait characteristics of patient with multiple sclerosis. Iranian Rehabilitaion journal;Vol. 7 , No.9,2009.
  • Abootalebi, Sh Moghadasian M, Moradi A Public knowledge of awareness sign of stroke in Bushehr province. Iranian South Medical Journal 2006; Vol. 3, No. 8.
  • Abootalebi, Sh., Ahmadee, F., Correlation between increase in C-Reactive Protein and size of infarction in stroke. Iranian South Medical Journal 2005; Vol. 2, No.7.
  • Abootalebi Sh Fotoohighiam A L .Etiologies and end-prognosis of non traumatic loss of conciseness in Al-Zahra hospital Bushehr 2002 - 2003Iranian south medical journal Sep 2004;vol. 7 No 1.
  • Nabipoor I,,SerajB, Abootalebi Sh, et al. Resting electrocardiographic changes using the WHO MONICA Projection protocol criteria in cerebro – Vascular accident diseases in Bushehr Port. Iranian south medical journal Feb  2003 ;  Vol 5 No 2 .
  •  Abootalebi Sh ;.Risk factor for stroke in Bushehr population analysis in 148 consecutive cases. Iranian Diabetes and Lipid ,autumn and winter 2001 ; vol 2No 1: (31-38).
  • Abootalebi, Sh .Fluxitin versus Imipramin in treatment of migraine without Aura. Iranian south medical journal Sep 2001;Vol 4,No 1.
  • Abootalebi,Sh,Nabipoor I, et al. Hyperlipidemic disturbances in cerebro-vascular accident in Bushehr province An prospective study Iranian .Journal of Lipid and Diabetes 2001;vol 2(1),no 1 (31-38.
  •  Gharaghozli, Abootalebi, Sh: (Efficacy of clinical symptoms in the diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome) Pajouhandeh sheheed beheshti university, spring 2000; vol 5, No 1 (51 - 56)


Oral presentations

  • Abootalebi, Sh., Evaluation of validity and reliability of COPM in elders in Iran. The third congress of aging issue in Iran and other countries. Tehran, Iran, Feb 25-27, 2008.
  • Abootalebi, Sh., Transcranial magnetic stimulation and its application in epilepsy, 4th Epilepsy congress. Tehran Iran Dec 4-6, 2007.
  • Abootalebi, Sh., The effect of cognitive tasks on gait and balance of patient with multiple sclerosis. Second international multiple sclerosis congress Tehran, Iran Nov 8-9, 2007.
  • Abootalebi, Sh., Epilepsy and society. The first congress in evolution of technology in rehabilitation. Tehran, Iran Dec 2-3, 2006.
  • Abootalebi, Sh., Oral contraceptive in epilepsy, How could we use it in clinical practice.  3th Epilepsy congress. Tehran Iran                                                            
  • Abootalebi, Sh., Correlation between C - reactive protein and size of stroke. 6th world stroke congress. Cape Town, South Africa, (poster presentation)  2006.
  • Abootalebi, Sh., Correlation between clinical sign and localization of epileptic focus. 2nd Epilepsy congress. Tehran, Iran 2005


Site Faculty and Co-Director of Post-graduate Research Projects, University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation  Sciences, Tehran, Iran

  • The efficiency of occupational therapy intervention on visual skills in children with learning disorder. 2008 - 2010.
  • Effect of constraint induced movement therapy on fine motor skills in 4-6 age children with cerebral palsy. 2007- 2009.
  • The effect of lift insert on dynamic balance and dynamic limit of stability in hemiparesis after stroke. 2007- 2008.
  • The effect of hydrotherapy on spasticity of lower limbs in children with diplegic cerebral palsy. 2006-2008.
  • Translation, Standardization and Reliability of Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM) in the elderly who are member of West Tehran Senile Culture House Clubs 2008
  • The effect of base support and focus attention on balance in elders with history of falling.  2006-2007
  • The effect of cognitive tasks on gait and balance of patient with multiple sclerosis.  2006-2007


University and Hospital Appointments

  • Neurology Advisor, Sina Rehabilitation Center, University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation, Tehran, Iran  2005 – Present
  • Clinical Instructor, University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences Tehran, Iran  2005 - Present
  • Assistant professor & Head of Department of Neurology, Bushehr University of Medical Sciences, Bushehr, Iran1999 – 2005
  • Neurology Advisor, Alghadir General Hospital ,Tehran, Iran 2005 – 2007
  • Neurology Advisor, Iranshahr General Hospital ,Tehran, Iran  2006 – 2007
  • Neurology Advisor, Fatemeh-Zahra Hospital, Department of Neurology Bushehr, Iran  1998 – 2005


Honors and Awards

  • Scholarship in intractable Seizure and Epilepsy Surgery, Montreal Neurology Hospital, McGill University, Montreal Canada 2004.
  • First ranked, Pre-board Certificate Examination Neurology, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences (SBUMS), School of Medicine, Tehran, Iran. 1999
  • Second ranked, Pre-Internship examination, Azad University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.  1991



  • Member of Iranian Epilepsy Society          2006-present
  • Member of Neurology Society of Iran     1999-present
  • Member of Medical Council of Iran          1992-present         
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