Pediatric Neurorehabilitation Research Center:

The importance of the early years of life in achieving maximum growth and development in a human being has been long known. In fact, most neural pathways of the brain develop from the embryonic stage to three years of age. So, normal and healthy development in the early years of life will flourish the path of one’s life.

The Pediatric Neurorehabilitation Research Center (PNRC) was formally established in 2008 under the authority and supervision of the University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences, in Tehran. Actually, this research center consists of more than 22 full-time or part-time academic or non-academic researchers from different disciplines. The aim of the PNRC is to produce genuine knowledge through research, in order to finally affect the comprehensive promotion of development in all children, including children vulnerable to different developmental disorders.


Our mission:

·         To increase our share in knowledge production in the field of early childhood development (ECD) at national and international levels, by increasing the quantity and quality of epidemiologic as well as experimental research in this area.

·         To increase our share in decision-making and policy- making at the university level and also at the national and regional level in the field of early childhood development.

·         To increase our share in the country’s health-care system reform.

·         To train efficient researchers, expert in the field of pediatric neuro- rehabilitation and early childhood development.

·         Scientific cooperation with other countries and international organizations.


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