Nastaran Arabinejad


B.S: Graduate Public Relation

University of Applied Science

email Address:

Tel/Fax: 021 22180138



Responding to all clients in person and by telephone with the principle of respect and ethics.

Tasks related to faculty members in order to educational activities, research groups (including official correspondence, abstracts, papers), experts, supervisors, head of the center in line with the educational background, research and service and finance

Tasks related to genetic research center such as business letters, training, research, research projects and Research and follow-up correspondence sent from the research center to the centers and departments aimed.

Information and dominate the way of holding sessions, congresses, workshops and seminars within the group (coordination of education, research and President of the Center).

Coordination visa for foreign guests and the respective embassies.

Educational and research coordination meetings and send invitations to faculty members.

The correct transmission of information on educational programs, research and other scientific centers in the form of invitations, posters submitted.

Conduct and follow-General corresponding to each of the powers and duties under the direct supervision of the president of the Center