International Students Admission for New Modular Curriculum of Physical Therapy at the University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences (USWR)

International students studying in graduate and doctoral degrees in a foreign country are faced with many challenges including concerns such as marriage, being away from family, employment and costs of living in that country. A modified curriculum for international students with the same content and quality but less staying time can enormously facilitate student?s journey toward graduation.

Prof. Mohseni Bandpei, The Vice-Chancellor for International Affairs at the USWR announced: The Block-Based International Curriculum for Ph.D. of Physiotherapy at USWR developed by the Department of Physiotherapy has been approved by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and the university will start its student admission as soon as possible.

He added: the new customized curriculum for international students, which in content and duration is similar to national curriculum, has been modified in its delivery method. In the International Curriculum, the course phase or the first year of study consists of four modules each containing a face-to-face and a non-attendance part. In the non-attendance section, students are introduced to the course content and various activities by the professors using the online and offline electronic learning system, and also receive guidance and advice regarding their questions and problems in order to prepare themselves for attending the face-to-face part. The face-to-face part of each module lasts three to four weeks and the student is required to be physically present at the university during that time.

The research Phase of the study begins as soon as students pass their comprehensive qualifying exam. To promote international collaboration, candidates in the thesis phase in addition to choosing their supervisor in USWR, will be connected with another supervisor from their country who will be responsible for supervising and guiding the students at their home country.     

He added: The university intends to develop this model of curriculum for other disciplines and get it approved by the ministry in order to facilitate the presence of more international students in the university.


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