Based on the Results of a Study with a New Invention by Physiotherapists: Wearing High Heels Can Cause Increased Curvature in the Lower Back and Lead to injuries/vulnerabilities

Seyedeh Elahe Moadi, Master degree in Physiotherapy, with the participation of Dr. Noureddin Karimi, a faculty member of the Physiotherapy Department at University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences, designed and built a ?Adjustable Heel Raiser System (AHRS)" to study the effect of heel height on body curvature. They found that the use of high-heeled shoes create accentuated arch in the waist and increased curvature in the area of the thighs and knees and cause the head to be forward with the neck arched/curved. This invention is related to [R1] a specific field of physiotherapy study on the effects of increasing or decreasing heel height on posture, the position of each joint, and balance of individuals by the examiner.

Ms. Moadi said the device is used for laboratory studies, evaluation, research and training. AHRS simulates high-heeled shoes and works similarly to high-heeled shoes, except that it can continuously and evenly increase heel height from zero to 7 cm non-stop and at a speed of 3 mm per second or, it can also intermittently increase heel height and stop at every centimeter.

Simultaneously raising the heel height of the hypothetical shoe, side profile shots of the person standing on the moving plate of the device were captured and saved. Using these films, both the postural and joint changes as well as the compensatory joint reactions were measured and checked during the heel height raising.

 [R1]It cannot be both “general” and “specific” at the same time.

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