The Secretariat of "National Covid-19 Social Observatory" Is Formed in University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences

Prof. Hamid Reza Khankeh, Chancellor of the University, referred to the announcement of the high official of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MHMD) and the transfer of responsibility of Covid-19 Social Observatory to the university stated that the faculty members and graduate students of all departments and research centers in the fields of welfare and social health of the university will participate in the activities of the Secretariat of the Observatory and its missions, and the four mission axes mentioned in the notification of the MHMD.

The four mission axes include: -vaccination which is the important topic in all countries around the world and in Iran. It is necessary to study and see what are the social determinant factors influencing vaccine acceptance, vaccination barriers and challenges? From the beginning, a study group worked on vaccine discussions, public opinion polls, barriers and challenges.

The second axis was what effect do social factors have on the spread of mortality of different social groups, different age groups, social classes? Third axes was the impact that Covid-19 had on social and public health, and the fourth was producing scientific evidence-based documents to help policymakers and decision-makers in the area of the Covid-19 pandemic.


12:16 - 2021/04/13  /  18905  /  1057