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Department of Clinical Psychology

The Department of Clinical Psychology was established within the University of social welfare and rehabilitation sciences (USWR) in 1992. The department is located in USWR in the northern part of Tehran, Iran.

The department is active in teaching theoretical and clinical subjects and also intensely research-active. Therefore, the academics and students are engaged in a variety of research activities.

While many students graduated, numerous students are currently studying in our department.  In this world class department, all staff is committed to exemplary professional behavior, collaboration and support.

The department welcomes national and also international students at postgraduate levels.


What is Clinical Psychology?


The field of Clinical Psychology integrates science, theory, and practice to understand, predict, and alleviate maladjustment, disability, and discomfort as well as to promote human adaptation, adjustment, and personal development. Clinical Psychology focuses on the intellectual, emotional, biological, psychological, social, and behavioral aspects of human functioning across the life span, in varying cultures, and at all socioeconomic levels.

A Clinical Psychologist is educated and trained to generate and integrate scientific and professional knowledge and skills so as to further psychological science, the professional practice of psychology, and human welfare. Clinical Psychologists are involved in research, teaching and supervision, program development and evaluation, consultation, public policy, professional practice, and other activities that promote psychological health in individuals, families, groups, and organizations. Their work can range from prevention and early intervention of minor problems of adjustment to dealing with the adjustment and maladjustment of individuals whose disturbance requires then to be institutionalized.

Practitioners of Clinical Psychology work directly with individuals at all developmental levels (infants to older adults), as well as groups (families, patients of similar psychopathology, and organizations), using a wide range of assessment and intervention methods to promote mental health and to alleviate discomfort and maladjustment.



The department of Clinical Psychology is specifying to administrate theM.Sc and Ph.D. programs in Clinical Psychology. Both Programs are accredited by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education as postgraduate professional training courses in clinical psychology.

The overall objective of the programs is to produce competent and capable clinical psychologists to work as professional health workers, through the provision of high quality training in the clinical, academic and research elements of clinical psychology.

The program subscribes to the scientist-practitioner model and aims to develop highly competent clinical psychologists capable of practicing in a wide range of clinical and service settings. The department aimed to train qualified clinical psychologists to undertake clinical research in professional settings and take a generally critical approach to their professional work.


Based on a fully integrated curriculum that combines self-directed learning opportunities with high quality lectures and tutorials, we teach postgraduate (M.Sc and Ph.D.) students.

The department ensures your professionalism and confident practice by delivering Clinical Psychology training from the beginning of your course till the last day of your study. The students have access to the comprehensive advanced study and clinical training and teaching, library and recreation facilities of the only rehabilitation university in Iran and in the region.



Department of Clinical Psychology has recently established the Clinical Psychology Research Centre as well as Cognitive Behavioural Laboratory with a number of research projects in hand. Academic staff continue their research interests on mental health, assessment and diagnosis, psychometric, child abuse and family violence, standardization of Wechsler Intelligence Test, body image and self-esteem to name a few.

Equipment available at Cognitive Behavioural Laboratory:

1- Tachistoscope

2- Biofeedback

3- Electroencephalogram

4- Bed wetting alarm

5- Reaction time

6- Different objective and projective tests

7- One way mirror

8- Audio-visual aid

9- Neurofeedback with 8 channels

10- QEEG

11- Cognitive tests


Services We Offer/Clinics

As a clinical psychology student you will also develop their skills in learning, problem solving and decision making which are necessary parts of working as a Clinical Psychologist.

The people who are graduated in undergraduate level in the field of psychology have the opportunities to join to our Clinical Psychology postgraduate programs and Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

Our nationally and internationally recognized faculty members provide you with the highest quality of work experience in different associated centers. These centers include:

Rofeideh Rehabilitation Hospital

Akhavan Rehabilitation Center

Asma Rehabilitation Center

Sina Rehabilitation Center

Razi Psychiatric hospital

Student Consulting Center of University


Our People

A number of academics and administrative staff are the cornerstone in our departmental operations. They provide support for students and the program.



The department of Clinical Psychology, University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences, Koodakyar End Close, Student Blvd., Post Code:  1985713834, Evin, Tehran, Iran

Tel: (+98) 21- 22180045


More Information

More information about our programs, staff and services can be found at the following link: http://clinpsy.uswr.ac.ir/