The equipment available at each of the audiology department clinical centers are as follows:

"Rofeideh Rehabilitation Hospital and Asma Rehabilitation center"
• Interacoustic audiometer equipped with high-frequency evaluation and TEN test.
• Madsen and Intra-acoustic Tympanometer equipped with high-frequency tone probe evaluation.
• Natus-Biologic electrophysiology system (ABR, EchoG, CHAMP, MLR, LLR, P300, VEMP, Speech ABR) and equipped with MASTER software to evaluate ASSR.
• Diagnostic OAE (Capella-Madsen and Otodynamics) equipped with TEOAE, DPOAE, SOAE, and contralateral OAE suppression evaluation.
• Assessment and fitting of hearing aids (NoahLink Wireless, HIPRO, REM, fitting software) and molding.
• ASA LAB 64-channel ERP system for brain mapping studies.
• VNG device (EP 200 Madsen and Intracoustic VNG system)
• Synapsys Postureograph system
• VHIT device
• VIN device (bone vibrator)
• SVV device
• Implementation and rehabilitation of central auditory processing equipment and Softwares
• AES device
(Auditory Electrical Stimulation for use in Tinnitus and Balance clinics)