90% of Support of the Health Technology Development Office for Foreign Patent Applications

The Health Technology Development Office (HTDO) of the University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences (USWR), as a collaborator with the Iran Patent Center, announced that it welcomes foreign patent applications with 90% of support.

The HTDO in line with the Vice-President for Science and Technology supports inventors and scientists who intend to register their inventions in international patent offices including the USWR in the form of foreign patent protection regulations of the Iran Patent Center.

One of the most important requirements and prerequisites for the entry of knowledge-based and technological products into international markets is the secure protection of intellectual property rights and the guarantee of the property rights of technologists and companies. This has become even more important with the increasing trend of globalization and the significant increase of technological interactions and collaborations in all parts of the world. Therefore, intellectual property systems especially patent systems have been created and developed in different countries to formally register these achievements and gain ownership of their innovations and initiatives. Disregard for intellectual property laws in the international marketplace can lead to significant losses including exposure of technology in the target market or prosecution by competitors and manufacturers of similar products. Therefore, protection of foreign patents can be one of the solutions to solve this challenge facing Iranian inventors and technology companies.

It also points out that one of the most important missions of the Iran Patent Center is to support patents in offices and international patents which have several benefits such as non-disclosure of valuable results of research of student-based research/companies or student dissertations in the form of articles; and help commercialize research achievements of researchers, scientific and industrial inventors.

Please contact for more information:

TeL: +98-21-71732834

E-mail:  mreti@uswr.ac.ir

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