Meeting with The Senior Consultant for Social Partnerships of the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office for reporting the Activities of the Social Observatory of Covid-19 (SO Covid-19)

A meeting with Tara Rose Aynsley, senior consultant of social partnerships of the WHO regional office, and Dr. Kohestani at the WHO representative office in Iran, was hold at the University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences (USWR) with the presence of Prof. Hamidreza Khankeh, the Chancellor of the USWR and Chairman for the SO Covid-19 and other officials of the SO Covid-19.

At the meeting, Prof. Hamidreza Khankeh stated the purpose of forming the SO Covid-19 and the necessity of addressing the social dimensions, and the social and psychological consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, which had been neglected. Also, Prof. Khankeh introduced research projects related to the social and psychological aspects of Covid-19, why studies were conducted, the preparation of policy and management summaries of the researches’ results reported to the highest authority of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, his deputies, the mayor of Tehran-Iran, and others officials.

Dr. Mohammad Saatchi, the faculty member of the USWR and a member of the secretariat of SO Covid-19, explained the studies conducted during the past one and a half years and since the establishment of the SO Covid-19 and a summary of the most important results obtained.

Dr. Saatchi informed about the proposal of several studies regarding Covid-19 that it is in the annual plans of the SO Covid-19. “Investigation of the relationship between socio-economic factors and the incidence and mortality of covid-19”, “Investigation of the social consequences of covid-19 on the population over 18 years old with the participation of 3,100 Tehrani citizens”, “Investigation of the social consequences of covid-19 on the population of children under 18 years of age”, and “Examination of the effects of the reopening of universities and student dormitories and its effects on the mental and social health of students” are among the research projects of the SO Covid-19, which Dr. Saatchi mentioned as the research projects of the observatory, which will be implemented in the future.

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